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Renovations !!

Renovating and or extending can be a  great way to add  value to a property. Whether the  property needs updating , modernizing  or you have  purchased the ideal “Renovator’s Delight” !!

As with any major  project  to do with the biggest investment and most valuable asset you own there are a few tips that can save you thousands of  $$$$ If  you follow a few basic  fundamental design principals.

Know Where You are Starting

When looking at  potential  renovation project the  first thing the designer’s need to know is exactly what we have to work with. If  the “as-constructed” plans are available this is a great starting point. If the  existing plans are not available then we need to measure the existing  buildings.Image result for Surveyor

I cannot stress how important it is to locate the existing  buildings in relation to the boundaries  on a suburban  block, BEFORE you attempt any renovations. This can only be done accurately by a licensed surveyor who will pinpoint or “pick up” where the  existing  buildings sit. We can then load that information into our CAD program for detailed analysts.

Some of or past clients have chosen to “save money” by not having this done and the end result has been a very costly oversight as trusses didn’t fit and wall frames didn’t fit. Your draftsman can only reproduce the information given to him. The more accurate this information, the more accurate the final design. Which means less mistakes on site.


Expectations, Budgets and Costing

These three never seem to match!!

It’s important as a designer to  manage the expectations  of our clients.  renovating is an  expensive exercise involving your most valuable asset.

Q. So how much does it cost to renovate.??

A. There is  no way of accurately estimating the cost of a renovation until designs are worked out, plans are drawn and engineering complete.  A builder is then able to do a materials “take off” and work out  cost of materials and labour. ….so a certain amount of  certainty is require before embarking on this.

As a benchmark  typically and  very roughly we always work on $1750 – $2000 per square meter. So if you want to add a bedroom then  36m2 will require an investment of around $40 – $60 K .

Hidden Surprises

Most renovations reveal some unexpected surprises. Something has moved, cracked or been eaten by termites. So be prepared for these.  A detailed inspection by your designer is vital. He may see things that you may not have.

Often what seems simple may not be as simple as first thought.

Case Study – Turn a Garage into an extra room

One of the more common extensions is to  turn a Double Garage into an extra bedroom or Rumpus Room. …….all seems straight forward??  …..wrong !!

A garage is constructed as a Class 10 Building. (Non Habitable) And is being converted to a Class 1 (Habitable) building or part thereof. This usually means that the slab has not been made  as waterproof as the rest of the house and is usually set down from the main slab.

Where do cars then park? Councils frown upon removing car parking from a residential home and as there are front setbacks that must be complied with (usually 6m) it is not  possible to erect a carport or garage in front of the home..There are exceptions to this rule and  you may apply to the local Council for a relaxation but this cannot be guaranteed. And this should be investigated prior to any final design works.

If your thinking of renovating or extending please call us today for a no obligation and no charge site assessment. We can save you a lot of  money in a very short time!!