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Meet The Team

Annika Berklemans

Annika came to us  while still studying her Diploma of Architectural Technology looking for some work experience. She used to come in every week rain or shine  to help out just to get some on the job experience. Since completing her studies Annika has now proven herself as a valued team member and to date is our longest serving employee.

Annika on her Wedding Day


Name: Annika Berklemans (Nee Schweiger) Married to Luke for just over 1 month.

Position Held:  Architectural Technicial

How long have you been with SCDD?:  4 Years

Where Do you live?: Yandina

Where were you born?:  Nambour

Favourite Food?:  Lasagna

Hobbies:  Mountain Biking, Building and restoring old motor bikes and cars. Playing with the dogs.

What do you like most about your job?:  Seeing clients ideas be transformed from a sketch on paper into an achievable outcome and seeing those ideas come to life in the built form.

Do you have any pets?  Yes two dogs called Kirra and Boy. An Indian Redneck Parrot. And two snakes called Stretch and Nitto.

If you could meet anyone who would you most like to meet?  If I could go back in time I’d love to meet with the designers of the Egyptian Pyramids. I’ve always been fascinated with them and would be interested in unlocking their hidden secrets.




QLD Govt Overturns Uranium Mining Ban

With the apparent downturn in coal and iron ore mining, seems the QLD and Federal Government are looking for alternative  incomes from mining.

Whether you’re for or against Uranium mining the news certainly brings some positive news to areas such as Mount Isa and Cloncurry which has massive deposits of  uranium.

Queensland moves forward with overturn of uranium ban

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 by Bevis Yeo

Queensland moves forward with overturn of uranium ban

Queensland uranium explorers have much to cheer about after the State Government overturned the decades old ban on mining the resource.

Explorers who have spent money on exploration over the years will finally have the opportunity to make good on their investment by moving towards development and exports.

Premier Campbell Newman said the decision was spurred on by Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recent moves to allow uranium sales to India.

The civil nuclear co-operation agreement, which could take one to two years to finalise, is expected to pave the way for commercial negotiations on uranium exports.

“There is no earthly reason why Queenslanders should miss out on the economic opportunities and the jobs from uranium mining in this state.”


Positive Budget measures.

Positive Budget measures for building sector but challenges remain for private sector recovery

The 2011 Federal Budget contains a number of positive measures for the building and construction industry, but doubts remain about the impetus it will provide for a private sector recovery, according to Master Builders Australia, the peak body for the building and construction industry.

Mr Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said: “The Federal Budget strategy of a return to surplus by 2012-13 is welcome, but relies on dividends from the resources boom and provides limited guidance to businesses in the slow lane as they seek to be part of the post-GFC economic recovery.

“Master Builders strongly supports the substantial investment in skills and employment initiatives in the Budget, and the projected expansion of the skilled migration program. However, the budget contains a patchwork of savings measures, and more substantial tax, economic and productivity reforms are needed to ensure that Australia maximises the benefits of a sustainable economic recovery and the resources boom.

“A broad private sector recovery is needed to guarantee the longer term health of the Budget beyond the resources boom. But the reality for many in the building and construction industry is that it will be a bumpy road ahead as the private sector seeks to transition from a deleveraging finance environment.”

“Building and construction is the third largest employer and the largest employer of skilled tradespeople. A reinvigorated industry-led training system is a vital concern and the measures introduced in the Budget represent an important down payment on tackling the quality and size of the future workforce. An increase in the skilled migrant intake of approximately 12,000 is also a welcome measure.”

Specific budget measures welcomed by Master Builders include the creation of a $558 m National Workforce Development Fund, $201 m in increased support for apprenticeships, $1.7 billion for a new training partnership with the states (partially offset by the reallocation of $843 m Productivity Places Program funding) and a range of measures to support disadvantaged Australians move into meaningful employment.

The proposal to improve deductibility provisions for some privately funded public infrastructure projects is also is very welcome and should promote private sector investment, particularly from superannuation funds, in much needed economic infrastructure projects to lift Australia’s productivity. A number of major roads investments and other planning and infrastructure initiatives is also welcome. At the same time, there are a number of other measures that potentially increase the compliance burden on business and Master Builders will be seeking further detail on these from the Government.

“The savings announced as part of the Government’s fiscal strategy should help stem future interest rate rises, thereby assisting the building and construction industry to recover and ensure home ownership remains affordable. The Government’s investment in skills and employment alone is welcome but may not be enough to lift business and consumer confidence, and bolder leadership is likely to be needed over the coming period to secure Australia’s economic future.”

Sourced from Masters Builders Australia.