New Home Design:

You’ve decided to build your new home. Now where do you start?

The first point of contact for many consumers is a Builder. This can be a great way to get a feel for the company that you will ultimately entrust your biggest and most valuable investment but before signing a contract to build a few steps need to be taken first.

The disadvantages to this are:

  • The builder owns copyright to the design and you’re unable to obtain comparative quotes for the same home.

  • The actual cost of the design work and plans is hidden in the overall price.

Before a builder can do anything he first needs some plans. Today’s building market is dominated by large building companies or “Project Builders” who offer limited choice of design options, styles and fixtures. A Salesman is generally assigned to steer you through the process and ultimately signing a contract. The builder will offer to assist with your design and prepare plans. Often offering a “FREE” Design service or try to get you to design your home.

  • An inexperienced or junior draftsperson may be assigned to prepare your design. Or even an untrained, unqualified offshore “factory”.

With the average home costing around the same as a Ferrari or Lamborghini.
Would you engage a MOWER MECHANIC to service it and tune it?

Before approaching a builder we recommend first preparing your new home design with our team of qualified and experienced Designers and Drafting Technicians. We believe every new home should be designed to suite the site, the occupants, and the climate. As wall as be within the budget!!

This is developed and refined until the final design is settled upon. This begins with the design brief.

“But I have a very tight budget and can’t afford a real “designer” !! I can save money

All the more reason to have a professional designer assist you. Our design team will assist in:

  • Eliminating wasted space
  • Reduce material waste
  • Reduce reliance on energy
  • Save on building costs

Each new Design starts with a vision, and idea and a concept.

The design and planning should not be seen as an additional cost rather be part of the overall budget. Just like the concrete and bricks

Designing a new home is a process. Sometimes a process of elimination and compromise. Your ideas are very important and your feedback even more important. One of the most common comment we here is “We would never have thought of that”.

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During the Sketch Design stage changes are almost always required. Often our clients are surprised that we don’t use a computer or CAD (Computer Aided Design) to begin with. A pencil is the most effective design tool we’ve ever used.

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We strive to be innovative, affordable and effective while providing our clients with personalised, professional service to improve our built environment.

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"I just wanted to thank you on the wonderful work you did drafting up our dream home. But more importantly, we need to commend you on the level of service you delivered. Your patience, support, advice and communication are rare personal traits but are the exact qualities that underwrote your ability to make this a most exciting experience for Adam and myself."

- Adam and Maria

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With today’s modern technology and slick marketing campaigns choosing a builder for your project should be easier, right?….. Hmmm let’s look at some of the plusses and minuses. The McDonald’s culture and the need for instant gratification or “taking the hassle out” has changed the way we build homes today.

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Southern Cross Design & Drafting complete large and small projects each year. We have showcased some of our recent work on our Portfolio page

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