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What’s Happening !!

Well 2013 is well and truly upon us and the beginning of the year looks exciting.

Towards the end of last year we were working on some interesting projects in some equally interesting parts of the country.

 Mount Isa

Firstly is a 3 x 3 Bedroom Townhouse development in Mount Isa. Located in remote North western Queensland this project had some intersting challemes attached to it.

  1. A small building  envelope
  2. Corner allotment
  3. one of the worlds largest copper and zinz mines within 1km of the site
  4. Climate challenges  with Mount Isa being a hot / arid climate

Our brief was to produce an  “up market” residential precint that would appeal to professionals, mine managers and their families.  With a lack of  Executive syle accomodation in Mount Isa we felt that this would provide  a  higher standard of  livability close to the  Town Centre.


Seventh Avenue Mount Isa

   Despite  some rather contensious issues  regarding the  size and  yield of the site the application has beenaccepted favourably and we’re expecting  approval to proceed  in the next couple of weeks.



Port Hedland

As far west as we’ve ever worked to date. Port Hedland is located in the North West of Western Australia. A hub of the iron ore and bauxite mining industry. A severe lack of accommodation  to support the influx of  workers has  made Port Hedland a vibrant  development “hot spot”.

We were commissioned to Design and  prepare a Planning Application for   stage 2 of a 1 and 2 bedroom unit complex………easy enough one would think..Wrong!!!

Since stage one being constructed the Planning Scheme had been changed and  severely restricted what was achievable. For example  there were to be no openable  windows or doors  on the  northern or western facades…………Yet stage one was facing north. With some quick and innovative  design and lateral thinking  we provided  an air lock system to prevent  dust from the nearby monies to entering the  units. As this was the intention of the changes to the scheme.

Morgans Street Port Hedland


 The project has been recommended for Approval and we are  waiting for the decision notice to be issued.




Back closer to home in the Bowen Basin coalfield region is Nebo in central Queensland  Nebo is a small town about 100 kms west of Mackay and is fast growing int a service hub for the coal mining industry.

Once again the “mining boom” has caused a shortage of accommodation for  the workers required to operate these massive mining operations.

Our client had has asked us to assist in gaining a Planning Approval and assist in gaining a Building Approval.  The project has  now been granted a Development Permit and we’re now proceeding with the  construction drawings  for  a construction.

Mary Street Nebo


Challenges with this project were  very stringent requirements for  a  “livable” type of  accommodation. Many smaller towns from on the  “fly in – fly out”  accommodation types or “dongas”  with their argument being that the  occupant don’t contribute to the local economy. Working long shifts they  only eat and sleep in these quarters. While there  must be a balance of accommodation types we’re confident that we’ve delivered a vibrant and  modern design that will enhance the  community.


more unique and successful projects coming soon