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This week’s article to help save  money when designing your new home or renovation comes off the back of a client meeting in Mount Isa.

During our discussion and  taking the Design Brief my client  asked a very interesting question. “Whats the biggest mistake people make when designing a home.” ……….hmmm my initial response was that  they just don’t listen……..but went on to expand a bit.

IN our industry we call it  “iknowitis”.  They’ve watched all the TV shows, visited all the Display Homes, researched on the internet and  found  what they like.  And then must have it all !!  “I know what I want” is the common catch phrase. So many times I’ve had clients bring in a floor plan that they like and want to  put on their  block of land. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit, the land  sloes away, and the  soil conditions make the particular design  prohibitive to build.

But with some expert input and a detailed design brief, your building designer can  convert your ideas into a design that satisfies all your criteria. And in the most cost effective way possible.

Know Everything 1

Modern cars now have  a myriad of electronics. Gone are the days when Uncle George could service our car or  fix it when something goes wrong. ………Today’s modern  housing construction is similar in many ways.  Many new materials and construction methods, not to mention the REGULATIONS which are changing constantly.


As we say  “drawing the plan” is the easy bit. Anyone can  put some lines on paper, or arrange some rooms but to get the  best out of any new design concept all of the constraints must be considered.

There are two types of constraints:

  1.  Non – Negotiable  – These cannot be changed and may include
    • Budget (maximum)
    • Building Setbacks
    • Covenant regulations
    • Location of local infrastructure – sewer, storm-water and power
  2. Negotiable – These may be changed or modified to accommodate the design
    • The site – earthworks can change the profile to suite the design
    • Landscape
    • Non essential services
    • Material selections
    • Building Structure – slab on ground Vs Highset
    • Orientation

For some  new home buyers  they  want the convenience of an  “off the shelf” home that most Project Builders and some of the product is excellent, but if you want to get the  best out of your design that suites your lifestyle, site and  budget then a custom home design is for you.


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