Meet The Team………..Amber………

This month’s Meet The Team is Amber Stokes. She’s the newest  member of the SCDD family and has fitted in perfectly. Always laughing and eating our  hommous.!!


Amber Brings her “Blankey” to work on cold mornings.

Where were you born:  Wooloongong NSW

Married to: Nigel for 10 years.

Children: Cooper 10,  and Sienna 7

How long have you been working in the construction industry: 8 years as a CAD Technician

Favourite Food: Hommous and Crackers

Favourite Drink: Beer

If you could spend a day with a famous person who would it be: Jimoen

Phobias: Scared of domestic chickens that don’t back off when commanded.

How long have you been on the Sunshine Coast: 6 years

Hobbies / Interests: Reading, Basketball, and Soccer.

Favourite saying: “I’m just talking to myself”.