Mar 28


5 Biggest Mistakes No 3.

I Know-itis…………. Or as we commonly call in the office the “I know Boats Syndrome“. Case Study…. The family  are moving to a new home!! We’ve decided to build a new home.  We’ve purchased  the perfect block of land and this will be our  dream home. everything we always wanted. It will have everything we […]


Mar 7


5 Biggest MIstakes.No 2.

2. Right House, Wrong Site A lot of clients  get ideas from  display homes or   home design brochures from  some of the larger project builders. Often they are  “sold”  the plan and its advantages (usually price).  But putting house A and Site B doesn’t work unless careful consideration is given to the principles of […]


Mar 5


Mining Accomodation

According to research by Murdoch University,  AUSTRALIA’S growing army of fly-in,  fly-out workers – which now numbers around 200,000 people in the mining sector – suffer from severe stress on their family relationships, and many believe their companies don’t care about them, new research has found. Mining is the main employer of fly-in,  fly-out workers […]


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We strive to be innovative, affordable and effective while providing our clients with personalised, professional service to improve our built environment.

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"I just wanted to thank you on the wonderful work you did drafting up our dream home. But more importantly, we need to commend you on the level of service you delivered. Your patience, support, advice and communication are rare personal traits but are the exact qualities that underwrote your ability to make this a most exciting experience for Adam and myself."

- Adam and Maria

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With today’s modern technology and slick marketing campaigns choosing a builder for your project should be easier, right?….. Hmmm let’s look at some of the plusses and minuses. The McDonald’s culture and the need for instant gratification or “taking the hassle out” has changed the way we build homes today.

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Southern Cross Design & Drafting complete large and small projects each year. We have showcased some of our recent work on our Portfolio page

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