Mining Accomodation

According to research by Murdoch University,  AUSTRALIA’S growing army of fly-in,  fly-out workers – which now numbers around 200,000 people in the mining sector – suffer from severe stress on their family relationships, and many believe their companies don’t care about them, new research has found.

Mining is the main employer of fly-in,  fly-out workers in remote locations around the nation, many of whom work up to four weeks away from home, for pay rates usually at least double those in the big cities.

But while the pay is better, there is high turnover – one in three mine workers don’t last a year in the job, a parliamentary inquiry was told last year – and a growing body of evidence on the social impacts.

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The Big Commute


Traditionally  mining accommodation was and still is for that matter has been  quite poor as far as  amenity and comfort goes.  With 12 hour shifts  and  little time for  “relaxing”  the  units or “Dongas” as we have come to know them provide the  basics at best.

With the mining sector continuing to grow and  more accommodation being needed  a higher standard of accommodation is  being  asked for.  With the stress  of  working away from home and  the high staff turnover driving  up production costs companies are now seeing the benefits of  investing in purpose-built  and designed  facilities in an attempt to make life away from home  just that bit more comfortable.

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A Home away from Home


One of our latest developments is an example of  what can be  done with a bit of planning, some  specialised design and  thought for the  occupants and how  their  working life in remote ares can be enhanced  just a little.

Comfortable and stylish these units can be provided  by the private sector at no cost to the mining companies and  can also be a lucrative and positively geared  investment for the astute  developer.

A comfortable place to unwind.


With  China’s hunger for our commodities  predicted to continue for the next  20 – 25 years and  a fast growing market in India there will be a huge demand on suitable and  more comfortable  accommodations.

For further information on our  design options  for  specifically  designed worker accommodation call our office today on (07) 5478 0222

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