5 Biggest Mistakes

With the year of the snake

powering on we are also seeing an increased activity around  new projects and those renovations finally seem to be getting started.

Too often we  are asked to  “give a quote” for a  project where the customer really has  put the cart before the horse so to speak.  With the  incredible  amount of  technical detail , and  regulations to be complied with any  new project needs to start at the  beginning and follow a  process.  So what are the most common mistakes  we see ??  This is the first installment to help debunk a few of theose myths and traps for young players. !!

 1.  Starting with the wrong advice.

The worst advice  one can get is  free advice from someone who really doesn’t know”.

Clients often say to us  ” but I know this bloke who rang the council and they said  that  we didn’t have to do this or that”.  Often the advice given may relate to a totally different situation all together. A lot of time and efforts can be wasted  trying to  justify why something is required just because   “Bob”  reckons he heard this somewhere. We live in a society today that  wants  instant answers and solutions. Your designer has a lot of experience deaaling with many councils, different  covenants and  the  many regulations that are  relevant. 

Too often we go for the quick and cheap fix and  hope that it doesn’t bit them on the bum later………..This is the year of the snake remember and  getting someone to suck the poison out later may prove costly!!



With every new project we do the research first. Investigating all the possible constraints.  easements, slope, stormwater flow,  will the driveway  work, estimate earthworks, prevailing winds, solar orientation, streetscape, covenants…….Then a brief is taken to identify ALL the clients requirements. From there a sketch design is  produced. By hand, by one of our skilled designers.  ..At this stage it’s probably going to need a bit of development but this is the perfect time to  make changes and  discuss the alternatives.


We take out the  guesswork so builders can give accurate quotes to build.


Failing to Plan is  Planning to Fail !!   



What are the problems  or concerns you have with your  upcoming project? For a no obligation assessment  of your project fill in the details below and  we’ll be in contact with you.



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