Weekly Builder’s Tip

Each week we will endeavour to bring  our valuable  builder’s expertise to the forefront by introducing one of our valued industry partners with some valuable tips to avoid potential pitfalls when planning a new home or extension project.

This week’s tip comes from Brent and Vanessa Hennesy from Essence Building Group of the  Sunshine Coast.

Building a house or renovating your property is a big decision and it usually costs a lot of money.  Despite this many people rush in and want to get things started right away without fully knowing what they want done.  Our tip is to spend the time working out exactly what you would like to get done then consult with your local designer or architect and get your concept on paper.  Make any adjustments and changes to the design at concept stage and take your time to ensure the final sketch is exactly what you want.  Once you have this finalised, consult your builder.  Many people try to save money by not going through the concept design phase, however this is the best way to save money and prevent expensive mistakes long term.

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