Is your project “Architecturally” Designed

Sitting in seat 31A of my Qantas flight to Darwin the other day I was planning on gazing out the window but alas I scored the window seat with no window!! So I had some time to read and ponder the universe.
I happened to read an advertisement for a well known building company promoting “Architecturally Designed” homes. But I could immediately tell that no architect still drawing breath, would have designed these.

Many real estate agents claim that a home is Architecturally Designed and when asked what it means they just say “It looks nice”.

So I did a quick Dr Google search and it led me to Wikipedia where they explain that the term “Architecturally Designed” is a building or home designed by a qualified and registered Architect.

Why are so many building companies and drafting companies calling their product “Architecturally Designed”. Well I suppose like me until I had the time to look beneath the surface I just figured the term was a loosely used marketing term with no substance.

Now I realize that ALL our homes and buildings are “Architecturally Designed”. And we can safely claim this as our two qualified Architects Robin and Ahtee are not only experts in their field but suitable qualified as well.

If you’re looking to build a new home or commercial development carefully consider the sales and marketing element behind the pretty pictures. Has the person that will be working on your project got the qualifications and experience that you are led to believe they have? If in doubt ask- doing due diligence will save more unnecessary heartache down the line.

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