Beware the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

With budgets tight, prices on the rise, people getting  laid off  we see a lot of  consumers looking to stretch their  dollar further.  In a tight economy we always see a proliferation of  companies, suppliers who are offering  deals  that seem to good to be true…But beware of the  Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

Recently we’ve noticed  a lot of companies popping up in the market claiming to be experts in the field of  building and or designing. Their advertising is often glossy and expensive, their marketing  aggressive and the prices they’re offering are  below true market prices today.  But when one  digs just below the surface all is not  what it seems. Some of these  ”building companies” are no more than sales  offices who subcontract out all the work and  add inflated commissions to the end product.

How to avoid  falling for the disguise?

  •  Ask for the company’s current BSA license to either carry our  design work or building contracting.
  • Ask for examples of previous work.
  • Does the company carry the appropriate  insurance cover?
  • What are the qualifications of the salesperson you are dealing with?
  • Has the company director (s) been bankrupt previously.
  • Where are the registered offices of the company?
  • Who is actually building  your new home?
  • Building a new home is the  largest investment  you’ll ever make. Why would anyone want to  entrust such an important and expensive investment to anyone  who is not qualified just to save a few dollars up front?

Currently the design team at SCDD are working on a new range of  Sustainable Homes. With a focus on budget and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Saves $$$$$

Most Building Codes and planning schemes  require a minimum of a 5 star energy efficiency for Class 1 dwellings. (A House) Our new range of  homes will have a minimum energy rating  of  8 Stars* (subject to siting and correct orientation)

With each energy efficiency star equating to approximately $2000 in heating and cooling costs thats a massive saving for the home owner every year in the vicinity of $6000.

With the advent of  the carbon tax and  a lot of talk also about carbon trading  in the future and investment in an energy efficient home will  certainly pay dividends and is also an investment in our planet’s future.

At Southern cross Design and Drafting we continue  ”designing for a sustainable future”.

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